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Espionage is the attempt to obtain secret or confidential information by covert means. Espionage often targets sensitive business, political and military information and is increasingly directed at economic and commercial information as well.

The followingare the major types of Debugging services offered:

Do I need debugging services?

Think about the last conversation you had on your phone. While you likely weren’t discussing state secrets, the discussion was certainly intended to be private to the participants.
Now imagine the details of your emails, hands-free phone conversations or even the last document that came off your wireless printer all being available to an unknown party who was intent on compromising your information for business or personal gain.

Bug sweeping process

We deploy our equipment in the office or house to detect the suspicious radio frequency signal.
We identify the bugs through this the remove them. These devices include spy cameras, listening devices and recorders.
We sweep premises for all spyware and offer diagnosis on completion. We also give free security consulting after debugging.
Our partner (bugsweep Israel) will provide a secure system security service ensuring companies get full proof counter- espionage.

Our debugging services comprise of

  • Office debugging
  • Home debugging
  • Vehicle debugging
  • Personal belongings
  • Electronics

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