(Private Investigators in Nairobi, Kenya) Investigators leaves no stone unturned when we take you on as our client. We understand that each client is unique and this presents us with unique situations, which City spy is not afraid of and we know that no two cases are the same in any scenario. Integrating various private investigation skill sets and IT, we provide our clients with specialized services and solutions that result in high quality investigations producing the best possible outcomes. The professionals at City Spy Investigators are well-versed in many specialized areas of investigation, bringing a diverse background to the table.

KES 15,000 - KES 500,000

At city spy we pride ourselves as among the leading private detectives and private investigator agencies in Kenya, by offering a professional and discreet service. Every detective or private investigator employed by City Spy Investigators has a wealth of expertise in a wide range of fields, so it doesn’t matter if you want to look into a cheating spouse, investigating a suspicious employee, or even fraud, we are here to help.

In the ever-shifting world of commercial space, there are various and multiple kinds of issues faced by organizations, business owners, professionals and learning institutions that usually require or may need investigation services. Private investigations and commercial investigation services cover a very wide range of cases or rather multiple types of cases including, harassment in the place of work which is unacceptable but lots of people tend to ignore and case are rarely reported, breach of contracts which lead to lawsuits, fraud, employment issues and among other similar cases. If ignored and not properly investigated, this acts can always have and will always have dire consequences on any business and if solved early enough can help in preventing further damages.


City Spy Investigators understand very well that working with a private investigator or rather a detective can be a daunting prospect.
This means we provide a complete unique service, perfectly tailored to your requirements, and you will be satisfied with the results and answers you are searching for.


Well private investigations vary and unlike other forms of investigations, commercial investigations can be very costly considering the fact that most cases involve unwanted business practices or illegal activities in the organization. As a results of this scenario, most private investigators have to act swiftly, secretive, professionally  and use appropriate equipment and gadgets in order to deliver results timely and accurately. If you act early and hire a private investigator or seek out professional commercial investigation services, chances are that you will be able to detect any fraudulent, criminal behaviour or other activities that can impact your company, business or organization.


In many scenarios it all depends on the urgency and speciality of your case, private investigators will hear and listen to your case and start working on it as soon as you make that request known to them. The process usually and mostly begins with background checks, running a scan on the subjects of the investigations from public, open source and then private records. This background checks can help in determining the addresses, names used, physical locations, all relationships among other basic elements of the subject being investigated.


Private Investigators can conduct and usually have the capability to conduct commercial investigations from the office using the latest gadgets, technology and other various similar techniques. Sometimes there may be cases whereby the subjects or target of the investigation may require close monitoring, surveillance investigations and even some instance of undercover operations that are sometimes very risky to the private investigator.
However, a private investigator has the skills and various resources to use in extracting data, information, video evidence, audio and will apply the most efficient and suited technique for every case that arises.
private investigators use various techniques to obtain data and information. They can obtain it through audio and video recordings, photography, documentation, online data and various other methods.
In cases that may need a witness, a private investigator can go the extra mile, do all the research and dig deeper and find a suitable match or rather the right person for the case.
Private detectives always search thoroughly mostly through covert and also undercover operations to find credible testimonials to be used in the court room.
This information is obtained by all means without breaking the law.
Although private investigators and detectives always and most of the time work with great speed, urgency and efficiency, there is usually no guarantee of a specified time, and the Private investigator will let you know that in some instances some cases can take a fairly longer time to undertake an investigation.
However,all this will depend on the type of case and the nature of the investigations, difficulty in obtaining the information and likewise your objective.
Upon completion of the whole process, private investigators and detectives will compile a list and factual report and evidence detailing the findings of that investigation. Besides that, private investigators which is always the case will advice you on the best steps to pursue and move forward with the evidence obtained, although the decision and what to do with all the data and information obtained rests solely with the client.


With CITY SPY Investigators as your Investigations and Surveillance resource, you or your company will get the results that you are looking for.
Our professional private investigators in Nairobi, Kenya will meet your needs for Cheating partners (Matrimonial), counterfeit goods, background checks, skip tracing, Fraud, Intelligence gathering, employee infidelity, Due diligence, Bug sweep, Forensic Investigations, Corporate and Commercial Investigations, Private Security, Security Consultant Services, Surveillance and Spy Technology Services.,
and many more.

City Spy Private Investigators in Nairobi, Kenya has a proven track record for professional service in:
Infidelity investigation
Debtor collection
Asset Tracing and recovery
Background check
Due diligence and per contract verification
DNA testing services.
Fraud Investigations
Insurance claims investigations
Overseas professional investigations
Photographic evidence gathering
Document verification
Skip tracing
Finding missing persons, friends, witnesses, and family, etc.
CCTV camera sale and installation
Mobile spy software/ cheaters spy software
Accident Reconstruction Investigations
Activity Checks Investigations
Adopted Child Locate Investigation
Adultery or Infidelity Investigations (Marital)
Arson or Fire Loss Investigations and private Investigations
Background Checks (Online Dating) and private Investigations
Background Investigations and private Investigations
Background Investigation (Pre-Marital Investigations)
Bankruptcy and Due Diligence Investigations
Birth Parent Locate Investigations and private investigations
Blacklisting and Blackballing Investigations and private Investigations
Bomb Threats and Detection and private Investigations
Cheating Decoy Investigations and private Investigations
Child Abuse or Molestation and private Investigations
Child Custody, Visitation Investigations and private Investigations
Child Exploitation, Obscenity (Pornography) and private Investigations
Child Support Enforcement, Collection and private Investigations
Child Support Modification and private Investigations
Cohabitation Investigation and private Investigations
Cold Case Investigations and private Investigations
Competitive Business Intelligence and private Investigations
Computer Forensics Investigation and private Investigations
Corporate Slander Investigation and private Investigations
Counterfeiting Crime and private Investigations
Counter-Surveillance and private Investigations
Covert Surveillance (Tailing) and private Investigations
Criminal Background Checks and Search and private Investigations
Criminal Investigation (All Types) and private Investigations
Dependency Investigations and private Investigations
Discrimination Claims Investigations and private Investigations
Divorce Investigation and private Investigations
Document Examination and Assessment and private Investigations
Domestic Investigations (All Types) and private Investigations
Drug Testing and private Investigations
Due Diligence Investigation (General) and private Investigations
Eavesdropping Detection (Bugs and Taps) and private Investigations
Elder Abuse Investigations and private Investigations
Electronic Discovery Services and private Investigations
Email Tracking and SMS Tracing and private Investigations
Embezzlement Investigation and private Investigations
Employee Malingering Investigation and private Investigations
Employee Theft Investigation and private Investigations
Employment Misconduct Investigation and private Investigations
Expert Witness Testimony and private Investigations
Financial Fraud Investigations and private Investigations
Hidden Assets Investigation and private Investigations
Hidden Assets Search (Lost or Forgotten) and private Investigations
Homicide and Murder Investigation and private Investigations
Human Trafficking and private Investigations
Identity Theft and private Investigations
Insurance Fraud Investigations (Active Case) and private Investigations
Intellectual Property and Copyright Infringement and private Investigations
International Rendition and private Investigations
Internet Defamation and Slander Investigations and private Investigations
Juror Vetting (Jury Selection) and private Investigations
Kidnapping and Ransom Situation and private Investigations
Labor Dispute Monitoring and private Investigations
Land Ownership and Title Investigation and private Investigations
Litigation & Legal Support (Active Case) and private Investigations
Locate Lost People and private Investigations
Loss and Theft Investigations and private Investigations
Lost Family Member and private Investigations
Malpractice Investigation and private Investigations
Maritime or Boating Investigations and private Investigations
Medical and Dental Malpractice and private Investigations
Mergers and Acquisitions Investigation and private Investigations
Mind Control or Brainwashing Investigations and private Investigations
Missing Persons and private Investigations
Mobile Phone and PDA Seizures and private Investigations
Money Laundering Investigations and private Investigations
Mystery and Secret Shopper and private Investigations
Narcotics Detection and private Investigations
Online Auction Fraud and private Investigations
Online Defamation Investigation and private Investigations
Online Social Networking Investigation and private Investigations
Organized Crime Control or RICO and private Investigations
Origin and Cause Investigation and private Investigations
Other Private Investigator Case and private Investigations
Paternity Investigations and Testing and private Investigations
Personal Injury and private Investigations
Personal Protection and private Investigations
Polygraph and Lie Detection (General) and private Investigations
Polygraph and Lie Detection for Domestic Purposes and private Investigations
Polygraph and Lie Detection for Employee Purposes and private Investigations
Polygraph and Lie Detection for Pre Employment Screening and private Investigations
Pre-Employment Screening and private Investigations
Probate Investigation and private Investigations
Process Service (Worldwide) and private Investigations
Professional Malpractice Investigations and private Investigations
Public Interest Investigations and private Investigations
Real Estate Fraud Investigations and private Investigations
Religion or Faith Based Investigation and private Investigations
Runaway and Missing Children and private Investigations
Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Securities Investigations and private Investigations
Sects Occult or Cults Investigations and private Investigations
Security Consulting (CPP & PPS Certified) and private Investigations
Sexual Harassment Claims and private Investigations
Slander and Defamation of Character Investigations and private Investigations
Spousal Maintenance or Alimony Modification and private Investigations
Stalking and Harassment Investigations and private Investigations
Sting Operations and private Investigations
Stock Options Fraud and private Investigations
Strike and Labor Unrest and private Investigations
Substance Abuse Investigation and private Investigations
Surface or Forensic Drug Detection and private Investigations
Surveillance (Beacon or GPS tracking) and private Investigations
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures and private Investigations
Tenant Screening and private Investigations
Traffic, Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and private Investigations
Undercover, Covert Investigations and private Investigations
Unfaithful or Cheating Partner (Non-Marital) and private Investigations
Unsolved Crime Investigations and private Investigations
Vendor Screening Investigations and private Investigations
White Collar Crime and private Investigations
Wire, Electronic Communications Crime and private Investigations
Witness Locates and Interviewing and private Investigations
Workers' Compensation Fraud (AOE/COE) and private Investigations
Workplace (ADA, EEOC, or FMLA Sensitive) and private Investigations
Workplace Investigation Interview and private Investigations
Workplace Violence Investigation and private Investigations
Wrongful Death Investigations and private Investigations
Wrongful Imprisonment Investigation and private Investigations

1 Partner changes passwords where you had access before without notifying you
2 Instinct or “gut” feeling telling you something is not right
3 Working late or going out more frequently with colleagues and being more busy
5 Partner abruptly changes daily routine
6 Paying more attention to grooming
7 Partner is secretive with mobiles phone or bank statements
8 Partner spends more time during the night on the phone or even online
Finding that your partner is cheating on you can be heartbreaking but if you would like to find out what is really going on contact
City Spy Private investigators in Nairobi Kenya
At City Spy Investigators our surveillance operations, investigations and data collection are completely covert, secretive and professional, your partner, co-worker, employee or friends will never know surveillance has taken place.
Should you recognize any of the above matrimonial and infidelity signs then contact our private investigators in Nairobi, Kenya
in complete confidence to advise on next steps.

CALL/TEXT/WHATSAPP +254 726 848 729

Best private investigators in Singapor We have over 10 years of experience helping people find solutions to their problems. Whatever your circumstances are, here at City spy we are ready to help and understand your situation better. Our aim is to provide world class services to our individual and corporate clients in conjunction with our partner.

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