what is skip tracing?

This is a complex assignment that entails looking for a lost person, an escaped fugitive or a sick lost person.
The methodologies used for such differ from one case to another depending on field terrain and location, preferred mode of communication of the target person,
age of target person etc.

We provide skip tracing services to find the below targets:

Lost in Dimentia

Dementia is a general term that describes a group of symptoms, such as loss of memory, judgment, language, complex motor skills and other intellectual functions, caused by the permanent damage or death of the brain's nerve cells, or neurons, over a prolonged period.
Every person with dementia who can walk as well as those who continue to drive are at risk of becoming lost. Beyond directly impacting the person with dementia, this behavior poses widespread implications for other sectors, especially family caregivers, healthcare professionals and law enforcement.

Escaped Prisoner

Escaping from prison is like committing suicide, and it’s not just because an escaped prisoner will, inevitably, be caught. The wrath of those left behind awaits their return.
This is where we come in. we make sure that the escapee has been found in the quickest time possible and handed over to the authorities


Fraud is one of the biggest and most damaging risk businesses face. The headlines are full of organizations both in the private and public sectors affected by frauders, irregularity or other wrong-doing – either as victim or accused. The impact can be enormous. As well as financial loss, organizations face reputational damage, disbarment from tendering, personal embarrassment and so on. In a global market with increasing legal and regulatory requirements combined with a more active enforcement approach, the investigation of frauders and other irregularities requires a thorough, professional and independent approach.

Missing individuals

Missing persons investigations of all types are confusing and frightening.
Perhaps you have a child, spouse, family member, or friend who has disappeared, seemingly for no reason and leaving no trace of their whereabouts. You may also be looking for an individual in a situation where there is an apparent motive for his or her disappearance, such as avoidance of a legal action or debt obligations. The missing person may even be a material witness in a legal case or an individual who owes a debt to you.
Whatever the situation may be, City Spy experienced Private Investigators will professionally trace and find them. We will also constantly update you so as you are part of every step in finding them.

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