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Backgrounds checks is a type of investigation that seeks to confirm or unearth a subjects history of INCOME, EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT, FAMILY, TAX, AND CRIMINAL RECORDS
In PRE-EMPLOYMENT BACKGROUND CHECKS an employer will enquire to know education history of a subject, previous employment history and criminal records. This helps them to decide whether or not to hire the subject
A background check can be used to check a prospective business partner’s tax details and credit history; this helps one to decide whether or not to participate in a joint business venture with the subject.

A post-employment background is a broad investigation that can be carried out in the event there is an eventuality in the institution. These incidences include:
a) Theft of company property or money
b) Leakage of company secret or crucial information
c) Suspicion of espionage
d) Fraud and forgery.
These background checks are indiscriminate since they are to be carried out on all members of staff to ascertain the following:
a) Who among the staff members participated in the subject of enquiry
b) What was the scope of participation per staff members
c) How widespread is the issue?
d) Estimated total loss in cash, reputation and loss of crucial information to un authorized hands
e) Gauging level of employee grievance and motivation
f) Helps the top management to make proper decisions about who is to be held responsible for the subject of enquiry
Background checks are secret and are done with utmost carefulness and discretion. Results of backgrounds checks are only supposed to be presented to the client without involvement of a third party and without the knowledge of the subjects of the investigations.

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