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The fight for the human race

As the COVID-19 spreads around the world, comparisons with influenza have begun to emerge. Both cause respiratory disease but have differences in how they spread. HOW IS COVID 19 AND INFLUENZA SIMILAR Well, even though they are similar, Influenza has a much shorter incubation period compared to COVID-19. It also has a shorter serial interval, for instance COVID-19 is estimated to be 5-6 days compared to Influenza which has 3 days. Influenza spreads faster than COVID-19. A major driver of transmission for Influenza is the transmission of the virus before the appearance of symptoms. Studies suggest that some people can shed COVID-19 virus 24-48 hours after symptoms. ...


Crime has evolved and changed since the 17th century, with emergence of gangs and famous gangsters, the Sicilian and American mafia , the effects of the American prohibition laws , assassinations , the two world wars and espionage...

Why you need background checks

ackgrounds checks is a type of investigation that seeks to confirm or unearth a subjects history of INCOME, EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT, FAMILY, TAX, AND CRIMINAL RECORDS
In PRE-EMPLOYMENT BACKGROUND CHECKS an employer will enquire to know education history of a subject, previous employment history and...

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