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DEBUGGING is a method of counter espionage that involves identifying spyware in a home, car, or office. Some of the most common forms of bugs (spy ware) include but not limited to
a) Microphones
b) Micro cameras
c) Listening/recording devices
d) Network enabled cameras
e) Movement trackers

Debugging involves a complex diagnosis process of the premises or vehicle, always note that EVERY SPYWARE NEEDS A POWER CONNECTION, for this reason every debugging diagnosis must revolve around a power source.
To get to the exact spot where the bug is placed, you must deploy a gadget called a RADIO-FREQUENCY DETECTOR ( RFD).
The RF detector makes a sound at the exact source of the radio frequency currents, every bug must, fortunately, has some sort of RF ENERGY
After establishing the source of the RF energy, without massive demolishing and destruction of property outlook, paint and interior décor, confirm there is a power source leading to the exact spot and break into the spot.
During removal of the spyware, establish their wrappings and their surroundings to try understand how long ago they were placed there so as to understand the amount of information illegally obtained
For NETWORK ENABLED CAMERAS, try to block any network access mostly VPN OR WI-FI so as to completely disable them or any other in the future
Most bugs will be found in:
a) Car dashboard
b) Office boardroom
c) Home sitting / bedroom
d) Offices of senior company managers
e) Left side top or center near the driver’s seat of a car
f) Car boot
Debugging is done in Nairobi Kenya by CITY SPY INVESTIGATORS LTD among others.

Regular debugging of premises is advisable for every business that is prepared to protect itself from unethical business practices like CORPORATE ESPIONAGE or basic spying.
CORPORATE ESPIONAGE IS a form of espionage or spying conducted for commercial purposes instead of purely national security between companies and corporations.
It is meant to steal secrets, listen in to key boardroom meetings, know expansion plans, changes in leadership, new products being launched, pricing, profits etc

Removing spyware regularly guarantees both security and watertight counter espionage, ensuring that no crucial information lands on unauthorized hands. However, bugs can be placed by compromised members of staff on behalf of business rivals. This only invites company managers to do regular bugsweeps and employee background checks.
You are advised to sweep for spyware in:
a) Inside your car
A movement tracker could have been illegally placed to track your daily movements. The gadgets can also listen in to your conversations while inside the car if it is connected to a real time listening mic
b) Inside your office boardroom
Mostly in the boardroom spyware like spycams and mics as well as real time transmission, audio-visual network enabled cameras
c) Top managers offices
d) Homes
Debugging should be done by licensed security and investigation services providers, to ensure trust and secrecy and confidentiality.

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