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The basis of a relationship is trust regardless of what kind it is. Once that trust is lost, everything else crumbles and doesn’t seem to matter. Many aspects could results in a lack of trust in relationships, suspicions of cheating taking the leading cause. It is never easy for you to deal with suspicions of cheating. Having such an idea makes many things at stake, your relationship included. What happens if you are wrong? How will you handle the situation if your suspicions are right? How will your partner take the claim? Will he deny it? Will it change things, or will your relationship be healthy again? If you feel that your partner is cheating on you, there are several things you need to mind. It is prudent for you to approach the issue with caution and sensitivity it deserves. Accusing your spouse or partner of infidelity is a serious issue that can take a toll on your relationship. Consider paying attention to some signs that your partner might be cheating. Cheating is unique and seems different from every relationship. There are, however, common red flags that you can look for. It is vital to trust your sixth sense; intuition. This means that there are higher chances your partner is cheating if your gut tells you so. Discussed here are some of the signs of infidelity.

Change of appearance

We tend to want to impress and look attractive when addressing a new audience. The same applies to a cheating partner. They will always try their best to look better than when they are around you. Your partner will look the same around you, but there is a significant change for work or social events. Often, cheating partners want to look presentable and desirable to someone else and hence the change. You will notice a new hair-cut, a change of wardrobe from what you are used to and even body scent.

Being secretive and protective on their gadgets

Be aware of your partner panic or scared anytime you pick their phone or computer. In other cases, they will always try and control what you can’t do and see on their phone. For a person that you have been in a relationship for a significant period, you always had access to their phone and computer, and then access is limited, be cautious.Your partner avoids receiving specific calls or texts in your presence, deleting texts is also a red flag.

The time they are unreachable or unavailable

You tend to know your partner’s schedule after some time of being together. When your partners keep giving lame excuses for their unavailability like late office meetings, you need to re-think. You get to know things are not right when they lie about their whereabouts and a series of changed plans. Your partner could be cheating if they stop sharing their day’s experience or whereabouts. It could be that the exciting part of their day has something to do with their flirtation.

Lack of intimacy

Intimacy not only refers to sexual affairs. Couples in regular times grow through dry spells. You should, however, be alarmed when your partner doesn’t show any interest in you, especially when nothing significant has happened to trigger the drift. Cheating is a significant reason for the lack of intimacy in any relationship. The fact is that your partner’s needs are being satisfied elsewhere and hence doesn’t need anything from you. They even try to avoid contact. They are getting to bed early or the vice-versa, avoiding sitting next to you and discomfort in their home.

Anger and Nervousness

If your partner suddenly changes from the kind person you knew to express anger and frustrations, be alarmed. You are probably not the cause of their frustrations. They are, however projecting their insecurities on you. Your partner tends to develop the behaviour of getting angry at an irrelevant issue. This could be a defence mechanism; they will use this that you don’t get to ask questions. They will try and pin guilt on you. Take an instance when they identify all the things you are not doing right regardless of the magnitude. They do this to feel better and shift focus from them. You can refer this to manipulation.


If you have been with someone long enough and you notice things are not typical, you need to pay attention. You undoubtedly know your partner enough to see even the slightest weird thing. The same doesn’t necessarily relate to cheating but get to know things are changing.

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