Private Forensic Investigations in Kenya

(Private Forensic Investigations in Kenya) City Spy Investigators is proud to offer a full range of forensic services from fingerprint and and DNA profiling and handwriting analysis to paternity testing. our specialists are able to find scientific proof to help solve crimes, uncover new evidence and confirm family relationships, for private individuals, businesses and insurance companies. Human Forensics Our team of experts will attend crime scenes and other locations, obtain forensic evidence, and carry out a thorough scientific examination of that evidence, supported by full laboratory facilities. Our range of services includes: DNA investigations. We carry out private and legal DNA testing for a variety of reasons including tracing missing people, establishing issues of paternity and family relationships, and DNA profiling. Fingerprint analysis. Carried out at the scene of a crime in order to identify and eliminate people who have been present at that scene. Handwriting analysis. We compare handwriting samples to establish whether the same person was responsible for both. If only one sample is available and you have a suspect in mind, we can arrange to obtain another sample for comparison using covert or overt means. Human fluid investigations. We are able to examine various human fluids such as blood, urine, semen, and saliva for DNA testing, and drug and alcohol testing. Other Forensic Investigations In addition to human forensics, our team of specialists carry out a variety of other forensic investigations, including: Lie detector testing (Polygraph) We carry out lie detector tests using an experienced polygraph tester and the latest techniques to establish the truth about a persons activities or feelings. Computer and mobile phone forensics. Our digital forensics experts can carry out a thorough examination of a computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or any device capable of storing data such as a USB stick or an external hard drive. We will find evidence of usage, deleted files and data, and internet browsing history. All our forensic testing is carried out under carefully controlled conditions so that the evidence is not contaminated, by experts with impressive professional credentials. We will present the findings in a comprehensive written report that is admissible for legal proceedings. Forensic evidence offers an impartial route to the truth and is useful in a wide variety of cases. If you are interested in finding out more about any of our forensic services, contact our experienced team at Insight to explain your case and let us advise you.
Our Services include;

Cheating partners (Matrimonial), counterfeit goods, background checks, skip tracing, Fraud, Intelligence gathering, employee infidelity, Due diligence, Bug sweep, Forensic Investigations, Corporate and Commercial Investigations, Private Security, Security Consultant Services, Surveillance and Spy Technology Services.

We have over 10 years of experience helping people find solutions to their problems. Whatever your circumstances are, here at City spy we are ready to help and understand your situation better. Our aim is to provide world class services to our individual and corporate clients in conjunction with our partner.

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Typically, an affair is considered a betrayal of trust. Cheating in Relationship in Kenya has the ability to cause significant distress in a marriage and there are many reasons why people cheat on their relationship. Affairs are commonly referred to as "adultery" among married couples and "infidelity" among common-law spouses and committed partners.An affair can go by other names as well, depending on the type of affair involved. What's important to remember is that your definition of an affair is...


Employers run background checks to avoid hiring someone who may pose a threat to the workplace or become a liability to the employer. Seventy-two percent (72%) of employers run a background check for every person they hire. An employment background check typically takes place when someone applies for a job, but can also happen at any time the employer deems necessary.For example, an employer may require annual or semi-annual drug tests or criminal background checks for their...


Dementia is a general term that describes a group of symptoms, such as loss of memory, judgment, language, complex motor skills and other intellectual functions, caused by the permanent damage or death of the brain's nerve cells, or neurons, over a prolonged period.


Fraud in the context of insurance refers to any duplicitous act performed with the intent to obtain an improper payment from an insurer.This crime is committed by individuals from all walks of life. Law enforcement officials have prosecuted doctors, lawyers,..


This is the collection of information from human sources. The collection may be done openly, as when one of our Investigators interviews witnesses or suspects, or it may be done through clandestine or covert means (espionage).Signals...


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This is the collection of information from human sources. The collection may be done openly, as when one of our Investigators interviews witnesses or suspects, City spy Investigators in Tanzania and forensic experts handle all assignments...


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